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50% discount on your Whale Watching tourAnother favorite day trip for visitors to the San Juan Islands is to sign on for a whale watching expedition in local waters. Even if you have seen these magnificent creatures on film, there is nothing to compare with the awe inspiring experience of being within a few feet of a pod of orca whales in reality. Have you ever seen a whale breach... heard the whoosh of air exhaling through its blowhole or been amazed by the sheer beauty of a pod of orcas gliding through glassy waters?

When Seniors book an Island Vacation Rental property, we will treat you to a 50% discount on your Whale Watching tour. There are approximately 115 resident minke whales. Learn about marine mammals, birds, history, geology, weather, tides, botany and more.

Resident killer whales (orcas) play in the waters of Rosario Straight on the west side of Lummi Island, providing a fulfilling experience for visitors.

Allow us to share this experience with you just mention this INTERNET Special when you make your reservation.

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View the Beachwood, a waterfront property Allow us to suggest The Beachwood waterfront property.


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Whale Facts:

Whales are not fish, they are mammals.

Whales are warm blooded and maintain an average body temperature of about 96.8 degrees.

There are two major groups of whales, the Mysticeti (MISS-tuh-SEE-tee) or baleen whales, and the Odontoceti(o-DON-tuh-SEE-tee) or toothed whales .

Whales have thick layers of blubber or fat that help the animal float and stay warm.


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